Troy Howard Middle School
7 North Economics

 Name ____________________________         Period  _________

  Design and Build
Compost Bins, Shelves, Furniture, Cement Pots, Hoop Houses, Cold Frames Other 

School Composting
Cafeteria monitors to collect, mix, return buckets, Plan and dig trenches, Manage compost systems, Earthworm composting, Data collection, Other 

Potting Soil
 Mix potting soil, Test recipes for:  germination, vigor, water holding/drainage Other 

Manage Seeds:  - Decide varieties to grow  -Order Seeds   -Grow seeds,  clean, pack, display, sell,  Seed germination tests, Label- date and variety, Other

Fill trays and plant seeds, Monitor and prevent disease (ie: damping off / watering) Thin, Prick out, experiment, Transplant  Other
Tend Vegetables
Monitor soil moisture Water k  Monitor damping-off  Direct seed Water Weed Monitor for Disease Harvest, wash and deliver   Other

Collect wild seeds, Tend native habitats, Monitor, identify and collect insect pests i.e.: aphids, Hand remove or squish pests, Herbal pest spray i.e.: cayenne, Monitor beneficial insects,  Other

Improve Soil Fertility
Use compost, Rotate with cover crops,  Mulch- collect and spread, Maintain worm bins,  Take brix readings, Other

Manage Garden
Manage Production:  -Coordinate with caf. soup kitchen, farmer's market   -Market and Display  -Financial Management (record expenses, profits) -Other

Research, Integrated Arts and Outreach
Conduct: Research project, Garden journals, Photos, Art, Articles, Seed trails,  Web site, Other

Correct watering habits,  pest identification and management, maintaing healthy soil and levels in beds, managing a water garden and its animals.

Write business & friendly letters to business and supporters, Develop brochures, cards and signs, Call garden/ seed companies to describe the project

Tours and Visits
Creating small learning activities, communicating with others,

Propagation Techniques
Leaf cuttings, grafting

Observation, Drawing, GLOBE data

First signs of spring, Apple tree pruning, Tree identification