Hoop House Prototype: A Student Project to Save Energy                  

Growing Greens without Using Artificial Heat            

P1010011.JPG Our students were interested in designing their own hoop house  to help extend the growing season in the garden (really, they truly enjoy building things).   Their plan included using materials from the local hardware store and building a scale model before production. 

This project was completed by May of 2006 and by October 2nd  is already housing it's third food crop.

Basic materials include: PVC electrical conduit, cedar posts, pine strapping, 3/8" plywood, 2 1/2" bolts, strapping clamps, greenhouse poly and some sheet rock screws.

Measuring framework for hoop house frame.  Students make final marks to make sure all pipe are of even length before cutting.

"Measure Twice, Cut Once" 


Even up one end of your pipe, then make sharpie mark using a square as your guide on the other end. 

Cut conduit with plumbers hack saw. 
Use 3/4 to 1 inch plastic conduit for ribs.
Always a good idea to remove the burrs.


The most challenging task building the hoop frame is the gable end wall.   These seventh graders are determined to get it right.

Notice the proper angle cuts made by the students.   Oh, the ease of battery operated tools.

Tip- draw your end wall out on paper or plywood before cutting the boards for the frame.

Drill holes for bolts to connect ridge pole
Now it's time to bore hole, 2" deep, for arched rib. 
P1010007.JPG P1010140.JPG
P1140126.JPG P1170129.JPG
P1170130.JPG P1010134.JPG
P1010137.JPG P1010136.JPG
P1020013 P1010139.JPG
P1010066 hoop

Now it's time for some fresh winter greens

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