THMS Garden Project in Pictures

head start friends
Headstarters bring us some sunshine
Seed Packers
Seed packers get ready for market
"Do I have to send these to the
Govenor's Conference?"
seed garden
Our heirloom seed garden
Winter Harvest
Taking a lunch break
Pest Control
Pest control in the greenhouse
Our Friends
Our greenhouse friends
Proud Gardeners
The water brigade hard at work
tina shute
Community harvest for the Govenor
wheat garden
Laying out wheat in the "hothouse"
Throwing our wheat for quality pizza pies
Guarding the Pumpkin
soil mix
Mixing our special blend of
soil admendments

grind the wheat
Students grind our own wheat
for pizza dough
Seed entrepreneurs
Our State marketing team
Football players seeding
The football players
separating the wheat
Common Ground Award Winners
Award winning young farmers just returning
from the Common Ground Fair
Seed Packers
Pizza Sauce- preparing in the garden

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