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Ask any kid what their favorite dish is and nine times out of ten they’ll say PIZZA!

Imagine the pride your student will gain if they had the opportunity to grow, harvest and reap the benefits of their labor by making their very own pizza (and learn at the same time)!pizza harvest

  The pizza garden is an integrated program involving all discipline areas. The aim is to help students understand the connection between food production, healthy soil and the relationship to students’ lives. The program is designed as a two-year project incorporating critical thinking and inquiry-based learning skills. Through out the program, educators will be given the necessary information and posing questions to guide them through each activity, with samples of extendedwheat lessons to gain further knowledge.

All lessons have been aligned to the Maine Learning Results. Educators engaged in the project will find that they can introduce the program at any point during the school year. Sample lessons include; tracking the global journey of pizza ingredients, designing a pizza plot, journaling through the seasons, healthy soils healthy foods, harvesting and cooking your own pizza.

The vision for this project came out of a program I designed for my Farm Day Camp program. With the support and team work of Steve Tanguay, Don White and the 7th grade North team at the Troy Howard School, I was able to expand the vision of this project beyond my summer program. The key for me is to have long-term connection with the students.

Here just touch the surface of our learning objectives but invite everyone to spend time with us in the garden laboratory to explore your own curriculum needs.. True learning doesn't begin until we as educators begin to look deeper at the question and over time allow this information to truly resonate within the students.

Pizza Project Outline 

 Part 1

I.     Research the history of Pizza and it's ingredients through the Global Chase.   Students complete reports and outline using rubric for an assessment guide.  Include the nutritional benefits  of pizza and remember to cite all sources.

II.     Plan and design a Pizza Garden.  

III.    Order the seeds.

IV.    Prepare the round pizza bed (garden plot).  Plant the garden according to plans.  Make sure to figure the area needed for each vegetable you are growing.

V.     Tend to garden.  Weed, water and pest control are the key to success.

VI.    Harvest wheat when dry.  Thrash for seed and grind.

VII.   Pick ingredients to make a sauce.  Cook according to directions.
VIII.   Plan Pizza day.  Make sure you have plenty of bowls, measuring cups and spoons.

Part 2

I.      Break into teams.  Prepare dough as a large group.  While the dough is rising, begin business plan and set up roles.   Prepare pizza crust while your buyer purchases selected ingredients.  Teams must fill out cost cost analysis sheets after buying their toppings.

II.    Cook pizzas in hot oven. Don't forget to invite friends and family for your taste test. Thank everyone that assists the project with a bouquet of flowers from your garden.

III.   So you think you are ready to go into business?  Back in the classroom make a fresh copy of your cost analysis and finish figuring your costs and profit.

IV.  Now it's time to choose your location, just go to Pizza Empire and select the best place for your pizza business.

V.  Invite an investment officer from your local bank to lead you through the Business Blueprint in your classroom.  Use the Business Cash Flow Chart  to track your finances. 

VI.   Student teams prepare business plans for final approval.  Each team member is responsible for completing one section of the plan.

VII.  Each of the student pizza companies presents their plan to the bank for loan approval (teacher and banker make up the panel).  Use this scoring rubric Business Plan Scoring Rubric to assess your business plan.  Remember, the lower your risk the higher your grade!  Print this Pizza Plan Checklist for to put in the front of your report.

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