The Pizza Business Checklist

Section 1:  Business Background

1.  Name of your business.

2.  Location of your restaurant.  Explain choice.  Describe your city and neighborhood.

3.  Job descriptions and application.

4.  Artistic drawings of your restaurant.  Front, sign, dining area.

 Section 2:  Production & Operations

1. Scale drawing of floorplan.  Explain how restaurant runs.

2. Describe your facility requirements. 

3. What are your equipment requirements?  What will you need in your kitchen and dining areas?  Do you have any special or unique needs?

4. How much inventory will you need?  List and price all equipment and fixtures.

5. Quality control procedures.

Section 3:  Marketing Your Business

1. Market Environment:

a.  Overall market. 

b.  Target market.

c. Who is the competition.  List strategies to bring in your targeted customers.

2. Marketing Strategies:

a. Plan for increasing demand

b. Pricing strategies.

c. Promotions and advertising.  Complete at least one: newspaper ad., business cards, brochure, radio ad., TV commercial, web site.  List costs.

d. Special means of distribution (deliveries, take out, etc.).

Section 4:  Business Finances

1.  Determine costs for all items.

2.  Complete spread sheet.  How much money will you need to borrow to fund your start-up operation?  Assuming you have five years to repay the Bank, what will your monthly financing cost be (assume that the Bank has generously decided to lend you the money with no interest).

3. Explain your fixed costs?  What costs will stay the same as business increases.  These include rent, fuel, licenses, etc.

4. Explain variable costs?  What cost will go up as business increases.  Management plan.

Section 5:  Anything Else?

1. Be prepared to detail your contribution to the team.