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Intergrating meaningful internet use into our curriculum. 

Each link has been selected for its educational content and ease of use.  Recommendations are welcome.

Earth/Space Sciences

Amazing Space Web-Based Activities This site covers everything from space topics to the Hubble telescope.

PlanetPals Earthzone Alive with colorful cartoon characters, this interactive resource teaches about ecology, natural resources, the planet Earth and its care.

Introduction to Windows to the Universe Designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, this site is a first rate trip through earth and space science by means of multimedia exhibits.

Thursday’s Classroom from NASA NASA news and research related to the Hubble Constant and cosmology. The site provides a lasting connection between NASA’s latest research and the classroom environment.

Visit our Project Pages

bullet eye "You'll pay through the nose"   bullet eyeTHMS Country Project:
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The NASA Student Involvement Program  NSIP hooks students directly into NASA's missions of research, exploration, and discovery. You'll learn science by designing space missions, investigating Earth from space, and examining the latest developments in Earth and space exploration and aeronautics. 

Weather Channel For the weather-savvy educator, we offer lesson plans, teachers’ guides and more, including additional online teaching resources.

eNature.com The complete nature and wildlife resource featuring the Audubon Guides to plants and animals.

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs! Dinosaur expert Dino Don Lessem presents dinosaur news, art, contests and the Lost World Jurassic Park Traveling Exhibit! 

Kid Science Explore more than 400 science museums around the world. Designed for ages 8-14.

Learning About Photosynthesis Follow their links to resources that discuss photosynthesis at varying degrees of complexity.

Biology4Kids Includes the chemistry of biology and how the word of biology is studied, as well as cell structure and function.

Physical Sciences

Sandlot Science
This site has lots of optical illusions and weird experiments that might teach you something unless you're careful. 

Kapili Research Labs
At the Kapili labs you can learn about biology, physics, chemistry, geography and astronomy. Some of the many topics covered include cells, stars, atoms, climate and light. In the activities section, you can take a quiz, see how well you did and look at the correct answers. There's also a scientific glossary. 

The Why Files?
The Why Files deliver the facts behind top news stories. There's a tornado ripping through a nearby county: find out how it works and how to protect yourself. British cows have gone crazy: find out if you need to worry about your hamburger. When your questions have been answered call up the cool science pic of the day or stop by the sports area.

The MAD Scientist Network
Are you stumped with your science homework? Ask the MAD scientists for help. You can search their archive of thousands of questions and answers or find other science sites on the web. And just for fun (yes, science can be fun) you can do your own MAD experiments. Create a compass, baking powder volcano or a bar of soap. 

Exploratorium: ExploraNet
This site is the online version of the Exploratorium, a San Francisco museum of science, art and human perception. Explore online exhibits about optical illusions and fruit flies or follow selected links to other science discovery sites. With RealPlayer, you can watch webcasts from the Digital Library. At the Science Explorer, kids can make an ear guitar or turn a potato chip into a pinhole camera. 

The Virtual Frog Dissection Kit
Aside from the eeeewww factor, this kit is definitely lab worthy. Click on a part of the frog and you'll link to write-ups and graphics of the selected organs. View organs as a system or dissect them step by step: start with the skin - cut it all off or just a piece, get down to the organs (eyes, brain, stomach & more) and finally, view the skeleton and the nervous system.

Neuroscience for Kids
Dr. Eric Chudler loves the brain and wants kids to love it too, so he created this site. Exploring the nervous system you can learn about neurons, sensory organs and the lobes of the brain. In the activities section, make a model of the nervous system, remember more of your dreams and print off synapse coloring sheets. If you just want to read, browse the books and articles, or link to other brainy sites.

Click any element on this complete periodic table to get a description of its properties. Find out about an element's chemical, physical and biological characteristics. There's also information on the history, geology and uses of an element. Another feature of this site is the Chemputer which is a set of calculators for chemistry. If you need more help, there are extensive links to other chem sites.

Located on this site are links to different through out Africa in wildlife preserves. Viewers can see lions, elephants, zebras, and many other wild animals native to Africa. (best viewed in the morning because of time difference). Web cams also located in Canada, where viewers can see polar bears, an eagle's nest and arctic fox, the other is a Whale Cam.

The Exploratorium
The Exploratorium is a museum of science, art, and human perception located in San Francisco, California. Online since 1993, the site contains more than 10,000 Web pages and hundreds of sound and video files, exploring hundreds of different topics. That makes it one of the most visited museum Web sites in the world. This unique museum was founded in 1969 by noted physicist and educator Dr. Frank Oppenheimer, who was director until his death in 1985. 

A US Government web site that contains information on animals, wild flowers, and endangered species. It has coloring book images of animals that you can print and color. It also contains fact sheets on various animals.

Sea and Sky: Travelport Entrance Sea and Sky is a non-profit Web site created for the sole purpose of bringing the splendors of the seas and the wonders of the universe to members of the internet community. 

The  GLOBE  Program

Whale sightings in Maine

 (Public Educational Access to Environmental Information in Maine)  Use for all water related lessons with Maine data sets.  Where and when is it best to swim or fish any in Maine.

GoMOOS  Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System.  Visit a bouy in the Penobscot Bay to check her vital signs and find out where the shrimp are.

Secrets of the Ocean Realm  PBS Online looks at some of the most unique and fascinating creatures that inhabit the ocean's depths, and offers classroom activities, broadcast information, behind-the-scenes info, detailed information about the creatures profiled, a stunning screen saver and more.

Digital Library for Earth System Education

Jeepers Creepers 2004  involves monitoring spring's favorite sounds and sights in Maine, and exploring what future springs may look like due to climate change.

Project Learning Tree   uses the forest as a "window" on the world to increase students' understanding of our environment.

Environmental Inquiry  

Institute of Navigation : Navigation Education Materials - This site has middle school modules including 10 lessons on a variety of navigation topics.  Motivations for the students, background and assessment material for the teacher, activity descriptions and worksheets, and additional tips and resources.

Gulf of Maine Research Institute

ARMS The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
education links

K-12 MATH 

Mathematics Archives WWW Server This comprehensive source covers a wide range of different topics in mathematics, software, and teaching materials.

Math.com This site offers different sections for students, teachers and parents. The teacher area has Lesson Plans, Classroom Resources, Career Information, Standards, and Free Stuff.

Escape from Knap  Interactive financial learning

EdHelper.com Extensive math resources that span from basic math to higher level math. Free 100 math worksheets: decimals, integers, fractions, percents, ratios, measurements, probability, algebra, and statistics. 1,000 Webquests - 500 educational programs - 9,000 Lesson Plans - Spelling - Vocabulary - Shakespeare and more! 

Flashcards for Kids! Designed to allow people and worksheets to help at various levels of difficulty.

Codmath4kids.com    What you need, when you need it.

The Math Forum Home Page
This online community of educators, researchers, students and parents has compiled a directory of quality online math resources. dr. math Ask Dr. Math is a "swat team" of math experts who can answer questions, but check for answers in the archives or FAQ first. The Internet Mathematics Library provides thousands of categorized math links, each with a detailed site description. The Student Center has links to math pages suitable for students in elementary to university.

Interactive Learning Network
The courses offered cover topics from simple arithmetic to algebra and calculus. In each course, formulas and concepts are explained, examples and practice problems are provided and math terminology defined. If you have a specific question in mind check out the FAQs. This site is also a solid resource for physics and chemistry. To access the interactive content you must be a paying subscriber.

Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies
Mrs. Glosser has free interactive math lessons to use online aimed at grades 5-8. You can download the same lessons for a fee. Topics discussed include integers, polygons and percentages. On the homework board, you can post your math problems and someone will try and point you in the right direction. 

Word Problems For Kids
Practice your math skills with these word problems for students in grades 5-12. Problems are arranged according to grade,and each grade has about 40 problems. If you're having trouble getting started you can get a hint, and once you're done you can check your answers. Topics include geometry, rates, fractions and probability.

Dave's Math Tables 
The teacher said you could bring one piece of paper into the exam so it's time to make a formula sheet. Dave provides tables and formulas for algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and many other topics. His Math Message Board and Math White Board can help connect you to people with answers to your math problems. Dave's also bilingual; you can find his site in Spanish too. 

education links



Investing for Kids This Web site is designed by kids for kids. It examines stocks, bonds, mutual funds and the like. It teaches the principles of saving and investing. It also includes a stock game. 

Banking on Our Future Banking basics, savings and checking accounts, budgeting, credit and investing for 6-8th graders from Wells Fargo Banks. Flash required. 

Online middle school economics lessons

Eco-Fun 31 lessons exciting, hands-on activities and simulations teaching economics along with U.S. History. 

EcEdWeb provides support for learning economics in all forms and at all levels. Head for the idea page on how to teach economics using the Internet.

DEPweb the World Bank's web site of classroom-ready charts, maps, case studies, photos, and data tables -- all based on World Bank data and resources -- are used to teach about social, economic, and environment issues of sustainable development. 

The History of Money   the central importance of money in the ordinary business of the life of different peoples throughout the ages from ancient times to the present day.

Research  your favorite stock.

Current Events

Internet Public Library Online public library features directories of online texts, newspapers (from around the world), magazines and reference materials.

50states.com State information resource links to state homepages, symbols, flags, maps, constitutions, representatives, songs, birds, flowers, trees, etc.

Classroom US News Lesson plan library and teacher's guide archive promote ways to use U.S. News and World Report to teach current events and issues in the news. 


National Geographic Society   National Geography Bee    Cool Geo Quiz  Geography Zone   Skill Builders: Geography Challenge Questions

My Wonderful World   a National Geographic-led campaign to increase geographic learning. Test yourself, get Action Kits, more.

ILike2Learn  Educational games with a focus on geography and languages.

Map Collections Map collections from 1544 to 1996, organized according to seven major categories. 

GeoNet Free geography resources including revision help, case studies, lesson plans and worksheets.

Goegraphia Homepage In-Depth destination guides to over 75 countries.

Culture Gram for Kids  World and State maps with facts and listening station  Informartion is very accessible to middle schoolers.

Interactive Maps and Timelines: Western Civilization.           Interactive Maps: World History

Counties of Maine Geography Game     


Today in History Each day an event from American history is illustrated by digitized items from the Library of Congress American Memory historic collections.

Early American History Discover primary source documents from early American history--- scenes and portraits from original newspapers, maps and writings. 

A History of American Agriculture  by decade and category.  Food Timeline  K-12 teacher resources for food history lessons. USDA Historical Photos  Farm Security Administration (FSA) collection of almost 300,000 pictures which date back to the 1800s.   Timeline of Farming in the U.S.

EyeWitness  Eyewitness history takes a look at major events in history from the perspective of eyewitnesses.

Chronological History Timeline of the United States.    Technology Timeline: 1750 - 1990

HyperHistory  If you're into history, this is the place for you. You can choose a time period or a specific event or person to learn more about. Navigates through 3,000 years of world history. 

History Place  Great online history exhibits.

Education First: Black History Activities Contains six Web sites created as models to suggest ways to integrate the World Wide Web and videoconferencing into classroom learning. 

USHistory.org  American History with a focus on Colonial and Revolutionary Philadelphia.

Women In World History Curriculum  Discover the role of women in world history through essays, Q&A's and lessons. There are profiles of women rulers and heroes with links to other resources. This site covers women from all periods of history and cultures from Empress Wu Zetian of China to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The Words of Wisdom section has quotations from both men and women on the importance of women's equality. 

HyperHistory Online  HyperHistory covers the last 3000 years with timelines, graphics, texts and maps of world history. Timelines in the History section display the activities of major civilizations up to the present. People and Event timelines are colour-coded according to subject: science, culture, religion and politics. The Event section covers 1790-1998 in detail, and the People section has bios of over 700 personalities. 

Internet History Sourcebooks Project   Paul Halsall is the editor of several sourcebooks that contain historical texts from the public domain. The Ancient History Sourcebook covers early civilizations such as Greece, Persia and Egypt. Next comes the Medieval Sourcebook which has writings about the Crusades, Byzantium, Islam and the Reformation. In the Modern History Sourcebook, find out about the French Revolution, imperialism and colonialism. Other sourcebooks cover African, Indian, East Asian and Jewish history. 

A Chronology of U.S. Historical Documents  If you're a student of U.S. history, you'll love this site. All of the major U.S. historical documents are included in this comprehensive listing. Read Abraham Lincoln's First Inaugural Address, the Declaration of Independence, German Surrender Documents or the Truman Doctrine.

Visit the Colonial House of 1628 as filmed in Machias, Maine.

Social Studies

City Population  Site contains the principal cities, nations and agglomerations of the world, with tables and maps.

Social Studies Sources
 Designed for K-12 social studies teachers and students, this site is a directory of history links. There are several different categories including World History, U.S. History, Government, Geography and Global/International Studies. This mammoth site is a useful place to start your research.

Biography  Spawned by the popular TV show, Biography.com has 25,000 entries on famous people. The write-ups vary in length from a single paragraph to a full page. Some bios of contemporary celebrities also have related links. In the games area, you can watch a BioByte documentary with RealPlayer, take a quiz or create anagrams. Enter your birth date to find out which personalities shares your birthday. 

World Cultures

Let's go around the world  Fun and informative global exploration site.

Flags of All Countries You've been slaving over your cdn flag project on Equatorial Guinea for hours but that finishing touch eludes you. A tiny flag or intriguing fact might do the trick - you'll find these and more at this site. From the opening page index you can link to full page flags, detailed colour maps or fact books about your country of choice. 

World Civilizations  At the top of this site, you'll find articles that discuss how different civilizations defined concepts like science or architecture. The learning modules examine several world civilizations like China, Europe, India, Africa, Japan and Islam. Each module contains articles about that civilization's peoples, history and culture. Resources like glossaries, image galleries, timelines and atlases are also provided. 

Canadian History On The Web   Oh Canada, what is this great country all about? Visit museums and heritage sites, dig through archives and historical documents or play games based on Canadian history. Be a voyageur and discover the historical past of our home and native land.

Multicultural Home Page Country pages cover a wide range of information.

Aztec History Mexico-The Aztecs of Mexico An excellent site for anything to do with the Aztec World.

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government

Types of Govenments

Middle Ages  This exhibit explores various aspects of the Middle Ages life- feudal life, homes, clothing, health, arts & entertainment, religion and town life. The exhibit includes activities on cathedrals, clothing, art and medical practices.


text Presidents of the United States or 
Presidential Biographies includes pictures and biographies of all the presidents and 
Presidents of the United States of America with a greeting from President

Take a virtual tour of the White House An electronic tour of the First Family's home. You will discover that within each room you will have the opportunity to go back in time in that room and see how the room has changed. 
Take the Ferry to a tour of the Staue of Liberty or visit the National Park Service for a detailed history on the Statue and Ellis Island

Windows on Maine  Windows on Maine offers free streaming and downloadable video, multimedia, and supporting materials about Maine's history, science, and ecology for students, teachers, and educators.

Imagine Maine Browse galleries of new images or old glass plates from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. "Mrs. Higgins Maine Studies Links"

Northeast Historic Film's Online Collections Guide of unique moving-image materials relating to the history and culture of northern New England.

Streamline Video Contents include local features, resourcesstreaming video in a partnership with Time Warner Road Runner and Northeast Historic Films.

Maine Memory Network

All About Maine: Detailed History


Trees and Traditions: Maine Indians  and the Forest

Indian Tribes of Maine

Indian Peoples of the Dawnland  Map of the Abenakis and their Native American neighbors.

Abbe Museum  The Wabanaki Tribes of Maine.

education links

ARTS and HUMANITIES                                                               Belfast Schools

Maine- Poets A resource from the Academy of American Poets with thousands of poems, essays, biographies, weekly features, and poems for love and every occasion.

 Soul Food Cafe:  Make writing your daily practice  A cyber retreat for writers, young and old.  Overflowing with tasty morsals for every artist.  Full of tips, techniques, refernces and encouragement.

Inkspot for Young Writers

English Grammar Quizzes  1,000 activities to help you study

Elements of Style  One of the best books on the English language can now be found on the web. This "little book" will help students understand the simple, and yet, often misunderstood principles of the English language. So if you're having problems knowing where to put commas or when to start a new paragraph, this book will be an invaluable guide. 

Grammar and Style Notes  One of the red marks on your paper says, "dangling participle." It's in red, so that can't be good, but what exactly is a dangling participle, you wonder. Surf through this site and you'll read all about participles, split infinitives, adverbs and other fundamental elements. 

Common Errors in English  Learn from other people's mistakes in this site. See the difference between calvary and cavalry, and insure and ensure. The site explains the common errors and tells you how you can correct them. After leaving this page, your English will be improved. 

WWWebster Dictionary  Stop haggling with your sister over the dictionary and call up this site where the complete dictionary edition awaits your beck and call. The language meisters make it easy for you - search the database by word, or if you don't know how to spell it, it'll turn up a list of possible hits. They've even come up with a "word of the day" to give your vocabulary a little boost. 

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations   The big kahuna of quotation books stakes its claim in cyberspace. If you're looking for pearls of wisdom from Madonna or Iacocca, you'll want to skip the trip. Only the thoroughly classic figures from history are given their dues, "dead on the field of honour." 

Roget's Internet Thesaurus  Mr. Roget is a student's best friend, let him help you expand your vocabulary. Words can be located by the alphabetical index or by the six major categories Roget used. It's also fully searchable and turns up hits in a variety of grammatical categories - a great (superior; preeminent; egregious; salient) writing tool! 

Anagram Hall of Fame  If you're looking to procrastinate some more before doing homework, then check out this site. Some examples from the Anagram Hall of Fame: Tom Cruise= So I'm Cuter, Mother-in-law= Woman Hitler, Funeral= Real Fun, Parliament= Partial Men. You can also send in your phrases or words to the anagram server, and they'll e-mail you back with their anagrams. 

Glossary of Poetic Terms  Any term that has to do with poetry is listed in this glossary. So if you're looking to impress your teacher on the next assignment, try to slip in some extra terms like anaphora or doggerel (if they apply, of course). This site explains each term and even gives examples of poems that contain that particular element. An especially good companion to have when you don't have a clue what a pentameter is. 

The Columbia Guide to Online Style  As if assembling the perfect bibliography weren't tricky enough, along comes the handy but unprecendented URL. The Columbia Guide to Online Style is a complete and academic guide to citing e-sources. Created by an assistant professor of English and a computer coordinator - it's scholarly, but they sure know what they're talking about! 

Shakespearean Homework Helper  Breaking out in a sweat over Shakespeare? Don't let the bard get you down! This site comes courtesy of a longtime fan (since 7yrs old) who wants to help students gain a deeper understanding of the literary legend. Here's the deal: fill in the question form, fire it off and he'll point you in the right direction. In other words, "Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie, Which we ascribe to Heaven." 

education links


PE Central PE Central provides the latest information about instructionally appropriate physical education practices and programs. 

PELINKS4U PELINKS4U is a biweekly magazine promoting success-oriented programs in physical education, health, recreation, fitness, dance and sport. 

needpenow Senator Ted Stevens has introduced (S. 1159) a groundbreaking piece of legislation to initiate, expand and improve physical education in K-12 schools. 

KidsHealth Hundreds of articles about health. Nutrition activities and resources for maintaining your health. Great link for Heart Month (February). 

Kids Quest on Disability and Health Each "Quest" includes an attitude checkup, list of references and questions with which a student may assess their environment through the eyes of a kid with a disability. 

Kid's Pages Maine Sectretary of State Kid's Links to other State Kids Pages

Yahooligans! The Web Guide for Kids

Tune your guitar or bass Guitar Tuner  or Violin Tuner  for music class.
Move and Improve             

education links

Library and Reference

Maine State Library Databases   A wide range of magazines and newspapers for all ages and interests, great for research; once the site loads, click on Remote Access

Britannica.com   The Encyclopedia Britannica online lets you search for information by keyword or browse according to subject. Using either method of searching, you get information from three sources: the encyclopedia's entries, websites and selections from relevant magazine articles. Some of the magazines cited include Discover, Newsweek and The Economist. 

Encyclopedia Smithsonian   If you were as prestigious as the Smithsonian smithsonian you'd be flooded with questions too. That's why they decided to post the most common questions they hear in the form of an online A-Z "encyclopedia". Explore the topics ranging from the armed forces, mineral sciences, music, textiles, transportation and vertebrate zoology. 

ThinkQuest Library   The materials and sites in the ThinkQuest Library were developed by students and teachers. The library catalogue has numerous topics from literature to technology and business. Each major topic is broken into several subcategories. Every site has a mini description and the year it was created. You can see the best sites chosen each year in the ThinkQuest Winners section. 

Researchpaper.com    Dying to crack that B+ ceiling? Researchpaper.com will bring your schoolwork up to snuff with its collection of topics, ideas and assistance for school research projects. Get started with a search of the idea directory, then cruise the writing center for skill-honing tips and finish up with a brainstorming session in the discussion and chat areas. 

Refdesk.com    Refdesk.com is an enormous collection of links to other reference sources. Although the links are grouped according to categories, it can be a bit overwhelming to find the section you need. Among the many categories are newspapers, facts/internet, social sciences and applied sciences. Multiple engines let you search through the site, stock quotes and headlines too. 

HomeworkCentral.com    This large directory of links to many topics is searchable by subject, keyword and age group. A broad range of subjects covers literature, religion, government and many others. Links are classified for kids, teens or college & beyond. Resources are also available for parents and teachers. 

Schoolwork.ugh    So another Sunday night has rolled around and you've put off your homework again?! The library may be closed but the "nice librarian" at schoolwork.ugh is still on duty, ready to help you with a collection of subject-specific links. They're all carefully selected and explained, then divided up into categories and subcategories so they're easy to navigate. Kinda like your local library! 

The Idea Box    With an Idea of the Day, an Idea of the Week, and an index of ideas past, this site is a warehouse of great things to make and do, from Banana Dogs and Astronaut Pudding to songs and indoor snowstorms. 

The Virtual Reference Desk    The librarians from Purdue University have pooled their resources and built a list of serious sites for serious students. Government documents, information technology, dictionaries, phone books, maps, science and other reference sources will embellish your mind and bedazzle your teacher.   


Fifi Mandirac: A French Memory Game
Select Surprises, click on memeory.  The object is to match all of the picture pairs while practicing your vocabulary.  Great practice for any age.  Once you start it's hard to stop.

Van Gogh Museum  This is the special website of the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam. The site contains general information on the exhibition in an exciting experience authored in flash.

Planet Zoom    This one has plenty of activities, like assembling a monster from various pieces and getting the answers to important questions like "What is earwax?" 

PBS Kids    You'll find a lot of good links to Sesame Street, Arthur, ZOOM, and all the other PBS shows. You can also color online, learn how to tell jokes (finally!), and lots of other cool stuff. 

Hangman    Magnetic Poetry     Etch A Sketch®    

The Word Spy  Each weekday, a new and insanely interesting word or phrase.

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