THMS demonstrates stick-to-it-iveness
By Steve Tanguay
THMS economics, history and agriculture educator

BELFAST (May 26): Artist and weaving instructor Susan Perrine of Brunswick recently joined Troy Howard Middle School students to build a twig house at the edge of the school gardens.


Lynn Karlin
The model (Photo by Lynn Karlin)

Lynn Karlin
Dakota Bears hauls alder poles to the hut to build the frame. (Photo by Lynn Karlin)

Using only materials found on the property, 85 students and their teachers spent the day building support warp and then weaving twigs, sticks and branches into the 12-foot in diameter house.

Lynn Karlin
The uprights are cut and ready for sorting so they can be placed in holes along the perimeter wall. (Photo by Lynn Karlin)

Lynn Karlin
Green Team teacher, Loretta Winslow demonstrates to Neil Kirby how to move twigs in and out of the warp. (Photo by Lynn Karlin)

Student Ashlie Staples decided to take the project one step further and continued working on the sculpture for her project for the educational fair, which was held Friday, May 22.

Lynn Karlin
Garden student Grace Davis helps Susan Perrine bend a roof rib to tie into the wall. (Photo by Lynn Karlin)

Lynn Karlin
Devin Richards makes sure the weft or twig is secured for the next weaver. (Lynn Karlin)

Fellow student Hendrik Andrews will use the hut as a support for his gourd project that will continue into the fall of 2009.

All are invited to visit the gardens, see the house for themselves and weave a bit of the walls.

Lynn Karlin
The structure is half-complete. (Photo by Lynn Karlin)

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